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Matthew Appleton

I am a fully qualified Psychotherapist, and Craniosacral Therapist working in Central Bristol.

Psychotherapy – I am trained in Core Process Psychotherapy and Integrative Body Psychotherapy. My work with clients also draws from mindfulness practice, somatic and psychological shock resolution, pre and perinatal psychology and uses imagery and internal energetic processes to explore embodied experience. I work with clients to develop richer inner lives and more effective ways of engaging in the outer world.

Craniosacral session

Craniosacral Therapy – both the structural and biodynamic aspects of craniosacral therapy are integrated into my practice, so as to best meet the individual needs of clients. Drawing from my psychotherapeutic experience I have evolved an approach that supports clients in enquiring into the nature of their embodied experience and its consequences to their health. I specialise in working with babies and children.